Cosmetic Treatment Pricing at Haumea Clinic

The first consultation fee is £245.00

The follow-up consultation fee is £180.00

However, if you go ahead with surgery, then all consultation fees are included in the surgical fees quoted below.

Each quoted price will include the following:

  • Basic pre-operative check-up
  • Operating room expenses
  • Surgical consumable and anaesthetic materials
  • All post-operative visits for further checks and instructions
  • Surgeons and anaesthetist (if required) fees

Labia minora reduction (labial reduction / labiaplasty / labiaminoraplasty) - £4100.00

Labial reduction (1 above) PLUS hoodoplasty (hoodectomy / clitoral hood reduction) - £5100.00

Surgical vaginal tightening (vaginoplasty / designer vagina) - £5900.00

Surgical vaginal tightening PLUS labial reduction (1 above) - £6900.00

Surgical vaginal tightening PLUS labial reduction and hoodoplasty (2 above) - £7100.00

Non-surgical vaginal tightening (ThermiVa – 3 treatment sessions) - £4000.00

Perineoplasty (re-fashioning of perineum) - £4440.00

Hoodoplasty (day case) - £3900.00

Hymenectomy / excision of hymen (day case) - £3150.00

Hymen repair / Hymenoplasty (day case) - £4740.00


For all other procedures a fee will be quoted at the first consultation, and once agreed the fee will not change. All consultation fees will be included in the quoted fee if surgery goes ahead, but are otherwise £245.00 for first consultation and £180 for follow up. The only other fees will be for blood test and any other investigations that might be required – these are not usually needed, but if so they will be fully explained. Therefore there will not be any hidden costs in relation to your operation. 


Payment methods accepted are:

  • Cash payment
  • Credit Card (Instalments may be offered depending on the amount charged)
  • Electronic bank transfer
Private insurance coverage plans are accepted under specific circumstances.

Professor Isaac Manyonda

Professor Isaac Manyonda
c/o Parkside Hospital, 53 Parkside, Wimbledon, London, SW19 5NX

Secretary / PA
020 8054 3893

Consulting Hours

Tuesday: 14:00 – 17:00hrs
Tuesday: 17:40 – 20:00hrs
Thursday: 17:40 – 20:00hrs
Saturday: 08:00 – 12:00hrs

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