Controversy and a fierce debate surround cosmetic gynaecology. At the Haumea Clinic we acknowledge the paucity of rigorous research on the procedures regarding their efficacy, outcomes, complications and long term sequelae.

At Haumea, our views are as follows:

  • Just as the rights for people to change the size and/or appearance of various parts of their bodies such as face or breasts is not generally challenged, that right should extend to the genitalia.
  • There are situations where the size / shape / appearance of the genitalia, cause physical symptoms for the woman or man: in such situations surgery may be indicated and beneficial.
  • We advocate a minimum age of 21 years for most genital surgery procedures, in part because up until this age the appearance of the genitalia may evolve with maturation, sexual activity and perhaps childbirth, and therefore too early a recourse to surgery may be injudicious. However, each case must be judged on its merits.
  • We advocate unequivocally the need for careful selection of patients, adequate counselling, the importance of “cooling off” periods before surgery, and on occasion the need for a psychological assessment prior to surgery. We therefore provide extensive information on the proposed procedure, ensuring that clients make INFORMED choices to undergo procedures for which there is little evidence base.
  • We are totally opposed to female genital mutilation (FGM), and we are anxious to emphasize that the procedures offered at Haumea are NOT part of FGM practices. Indeed, when appropriate and/or possible, we offer corrective surgery to those women who have been the victims of such traumatisation.

There is a large variation to the appearance of the genitalia, and most of the variations represent “normality”.

Therefore the vast majority do not need cosmetic genital surgery, once they come to understand and accept the way their genitalia looks is simply a variation of normal. However, those with physical symptoms associated with their genitalia or those who cannot accept that their genitalia looks “normal” (and therefore wish to have something done) please read on, and we will do our utmost to help you.

Finally, we are fully aware of the guidance / position statements taken by the RCOG (link) and the ACOG (link) on the issues surrounding cosmetic gynaecological procedures, and throughout the service we offer at Haumea Clinic we endeavour to take cognisance of these views. When the GMC eventually publishes guidelines on cosmetic procedures (imminent), we shall abide by these guidelines.

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